My Own Destinie;

What screws us up most in life is the picture we have in our heads of how it's supposed to be.

  1. So on Tuesday I went to the Walk the Moon show in Houston at the House Of Blues and The Mowgli’s opened for them. It was hands down the best show I’ve ever been to. I got to meet most of both bands after the show and they were all so nice. (I taught them all how to little rock which is a thing my friends and I came up with).
    Colin and Spencer from the Mowgli’s chose a few people standing outside to buy ice cream for and I was one of the chosen ones which was super awesome and I fangirled so hard the whole time. (They took a picture and put it on the mowgli’s Instagram page) and just omfg I had a long conversation with Michael from the mowgli’s before the show while I was waiting in line about DMT and the military and anthropology (because that’s my major in school) and he was so nice and told me a lot of stuff I didn’t know. And I talked to THE Nicholas Petricca from wtm after about his songwriting and stuff and just ugh. They were all so perfect and I had a great time.

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